3-5 Dennis Parade, Winchmore Hill Rd,
    Southgate, N14 6AA

  • ENFIELD STORE (By Tesco)

    4 Savoy Parade, Southbury Rd,
    Enfield, EN1 1RT

  • WHETSTONE STORE (park outside)

    184 - 186 Oakleigh Rd North,
    Whetstone, N20 0UA

Why we advertise

The question we get asked all the time is “If your beds, your service, your delivery and collection of old beds is so great, then why do you have to advertise?” The answer is simple: our customers are loyal to us but we are different to a lot of shops and services. If you have a haircut or a nice meal you would go back next month for the same. That doesn’t happen in my trade; if you’re happy we don’t get to see you for another 10 Years.

So we need our customers to recommend us and we advertise for not only new customers but also to remind our customers that we are still going strong after 30 years. Being a family business, none of our staff (who are like family) are on commission. So which ever store you find it easier to call into Enfield Town(by Tescos) Southgate (by M&S) or Whetstone (with parking) or online, we are here to help you get the right bed.

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