3-5 Dennis Parade, Winchmore Hill Rd,
    Southgate, N14 6AA

  • ENFIELD STORE (By Tesco)

    4 Savoy Parade, Southbury Rd,
    Enfield, EN1 1RT

  • WHETSTONE STORE (park outside)

    184 - 186 Oakleigh Rd North,
    Whetstone, N20 0UA


Some people may find this view offensive.

Our country, our economy, our businesses are under attack.

Our Politicians are arguing amongst themselves. It seems our Leaders don’t have any true clear real plan to lead us through Brexit. Like it or not Brexit is here. So if we are out we need now to steer a clear path. What we all need to do as UK citizens and consumers is to buy clever & buy well.


JUST an idea – if Theresa May our Prime Minister was to say to Europe, we want a deal or we as a nation must think about buying British as our 1st choice. Maybe just maybe then Europe / Brussels would listen to us a little bit more!

This is not a political rant against Theresa May. I did write to Mr Brown when he was Prime Minister and he outright said NO & rejected promoting Buy British. If Theresa May was to have a TV appeal to the nation saying she was going to ask Brussels / Europe for a deal, if they say no then she would go back onto TV and say since it’s a no Now We All Need To Buy BRITISH.

I am a strong believer in everybody having their right to buy from whoever they want, all I ask is we all take a minute to think about big corporations getting around paying their Tax which is costing British workers their British jobs– Google, Amazon, Starbucks. Stop And think. Starbucks £ 2.50 coffee or a small corner family coffee shop?

We sell British beds! We could sell cheaper Chinese beds if we wanted but we don’t! For good reason- BRITISH IS BEST.

We are proud of selling British built beds& doing our bit for the Great British Economy. We believe anyone living & working in the UK is contributing to the UK Economy, and this is a good thing, in the same way any one working in the French or Italian Economy is contributing to their Economy.

The Ugly Truth – if you don’t take responsible for your spending actions you could be not only damaging our current Economy but also your children’s and or your grand child’s future. Our children are taught history about the Great American 1920’s depression.

Well soon, very soon they or their children could be taught about The Great Brexit recession because the British people did nothing to help themselves. Too little too late. We would like to hear from other businesses / industrials on their view.

Our view if you’re buying a bed, buy a British bed keeping British workers working, keeping an industry going in our country. After all British beds are the best.


Whatever you’re buying- Think where it’s made.

Vic Smith Beds – Southgate, Enfield & Whetstone

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