green_policy_img1Helping the environment…

Here at Vic Smith Beds we try to do our bit for the environment every bit helps.

Where possible the old beds that we collect are taken to be recycled. The timber is broken down & chipped up, the material covers are ripped up to make felt pad & any metal frames are melted down.The majority of bed manufacturers we buy from use recycled plastic in their plastic bags.

When it comes to fuel at Vic Smith Beds, we try to use biodiesel as often as possible. As the name suggests biodiesel is an environmentally friendly replacement for mineral diesel.

Biodiesel is a product which is good for the engine and the environment. Pure Fuels biodiesel is made from used vegetable oils collected throughout London and the South East. This makes it a very green fuel that brings real benefits to the environment by turning a waste into a useful product – which significantly reduces emissions and improves engine life. By using Pure Fuels product we are helping to do our bit. Biodiesel – a perfect city fuel. Biodiesel is a natural product which lubricates the engine and burns more cleanly.

green_policy_imgVic Smith Beds are helping the recycling drive while promoting their services over and above the big chains. At Vic Smith Beds we remove your old bed when we deliver your new bed (locally not nationally – nationally beds are delivered via couriers) we chip up the wood in our unique machine that has been designed by us and built by engineers in Tottenham. This is in our opinion brilliant because it stops unnecessary blocking up of precious landfill dumps. We break up and feed the broken bits of timber into the chipper and 50mm/2” chips come out of the end, we bag them up ready for sale .

So you the customer, when it is time for you to buy your briquettes for your wood burner / BBQ, just think, you can save money, help the environment and support a local business doing the right thing. We are all consumers and if we take the time to support local British goods, our country would be far better off. The bed briquettes are made from recycled timber in the UK and are not imported. Look out for our new range of kindling coming soon.

So remember if you want a bed you want a Vic Smith Bed..

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