6 Great Ideas for Students for Better Sleep

Sleep – we all crave it, but it often feels like it slips through our fingers, especially when life gets hectic or the clocks spring forward. I’m guessing I’m not the only one wishing for an extra hour of rest right now as I go about my day. Beyond the yawning and heavy eyelids, sleep deprivation messes with our mental well-being, too. So when catching those Z’s doesn’t come naturally, it’s time to roll out the big guns and establish habits that work for you.

Sleep wields incredible power over our lives. When we’re not getting enough of it, our health takes a hit – both our bodies and our minds. We all know we should aim for a solid eight hours, but making it happen can be quite the challenge. Everyone’s sleep game is different; personally, I sleep best in my own bed with my cat, not in a college dorm with a lofted bed that might as well be in the stratosphere. But there are times, regardless of location, when sleep plays hard to get. That’s when I’ve learned to pay attention and adapt my habits. So, in honor of World Sleep Day, I’m sharing my five tips for catching those elusive Z’s:


Keep your bed a serene sanctuary. Doing your homework there? Bad idea. It can make you associate stress with sleep, turning those nights into an insomnia festival. Minimize bed activities to help your brain know it’s the place to doze off.


The weekend temptation to sleep in is real – I get it. But maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is vital for your body’s internal clock. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day can make falling asleep and waking up in the morning a breeze.


Smartwatches like Apple Watch or FitBit can be your sleep buddies. They monitor your sleep patterns and offer tips to improve your sleep quality. Plus, there’s an app called myala, which links physical health (including sleep tracking) to mental health.


Make your workspace a dedicated haven for academic success. Relying on Papertyper.net to assist with your papers you can transform your study sessions into productive learning experiences. Maximize your academic sanctuary to help your mind know it’s the place to excel.


Background noise can do wonders for better sleep. Think a humidifier, fan, or even white noise apps with calming bedtime stories. It’s like a lullaby for your restless mind.


Just as you’re about to drift off, a barrage of worries and to-dos invades your thoughts. We’ve all been there. Keep an organized to-do list, limit evening screen time, and practice simple pre-sleep meditations to calm the chaos in your head. In the midst of our busy lives, sleep often gets sacrificed. But remember, it affects your mood and productivity all day long. Prioritize your sleep – your body and mind will thank you for it.

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