Every March the bed trade tries to drum up a bit of interest as March is traditionally a quiet month after the sales at the start of the year. This year is very similar to last year where the recession has forced the manufacturers to come up with some fantastic offers and they are genuine.  Very often people are far too quick to judge and compare us, because we are well known, with some of the bigger stores’ constant ongoing and unrelenting  “ must buy now, offer finishes this weekend” or   “ closing down” only to find in small print that they are re-opening up next week. That’s certainly not the case here at Vic Smith Beds. We have just finished expanding into dining room furniture, the beds and mattresses are what we are renowned for. We have got together with some of the quieter manufacturers, many of which are still on a three day week so when the manufacturers have some great offers, it’s because they need to stay busy by lowering their prices. In the last three years, we have really pushed ‘Buy British’ to keep the British bed industry busy and this keeps jobs here in the UK.

We have recently been interviewed by our trade magazine, wanting to know why we have been so successful. Initially we were reluctant to share our secrets but it wouldn’t be hard for anybody to sit down and work it out for themselves.  It’s not just about good prices, it’s not just about good old fashioned customer service, it’s not just about collecting your old bed, and it’s not just about having trained experienced knowledgeable staff. It’s about the whole package. Friendly staff that can show you great beds and mattresses at unbeatable price without compromising on service, our delivery staff are our own delivery staff. You only have to look at our website on our testimonial page to see that for yourself.

Our website has got some extra offers on that are valid during March and some offers will end at the end of March. We all strongly believe here at Vic Smith Beds that if you want a bed, you want a Vic Smith Bed. I am very lucky and it’s not everybody that can make this proud boast that all their staff do a great job, but I can. All my staff are well trained, highly motivated and experienced. All our staff undergo training whether it is in product knowledge or delivering the goods or special alterations. There is a good chance that you know someone that has bought a bed from us and been happy.  We are in a cruel industry and when you’ve bought a bed from us and you are happy, we probably won’t see you for another ten years or so (unless you want a wardrobe or dining room furniture).  That’s why we always ask our customers to recommend us. Having been in business for over twenty four years, we have a higher than usual repeat customer trade, one of the highest in the UK’s furniture trade.  So this goes to show, with the great March offers, buy now and save pounds. 

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