Enfield Council keep barking on how they are helping the local economy —–really?—- really? – Their greed & short term fix to a bigger financial problem and taxing the shopper in a car will be driving people out of town centres & high streets in and around the borough and send them possibly to neighbouring boroughs.

A great example – if you lived in between Brookfield Farm and Enfield, instead of shooting into Enfield where you have to pay, you would probably go out of the borough, go to the shop you wanted, and more than likely go into other shops and spend your hard earned money not feeding the meter, but grabbing a leisurely coffee as the pressure is now taken off you as a shopper. I have spoken to many friends in business in the borough and they are disgusted at Enfield Council’s attitude at pretending to listen. One councillor in particular – Councillor Bond – who in my opinion could save shops closing down. I know this will make me unpopular with Enfield Council, and various departments will try to bully me to keep me quiet. I urge you to email Councillor Bond and let him know your views. It’s too late trying to stop this after it has happened – please act now. Email Councillor Bond with the subject ‘Stop Sunday parking fees’  – cllrbond@aol.com . After all, surely the councillors should be working for us and the borough not against the people of Enfield. Also have the council allowed for Enfield’s church going population, and instead of twenty minutes free, maybe it should be an hour and a half. We here at Vic Smith Beds will refund our customers parking off their bill if Enfield Council insists on raising their parking fees. Enfield Councillors have the power to use common sense. You as residents need to make them see sense – please email now, and pass it on to your friends and family to do the same. Of course, this is only our opinion – how do you feel?

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