1.  Studies have shown that the bigger your bed – i.e. the greater your sleeping area is, the better nights sleep you will have. So you should sleep better in a Kingsize Bed than you would in a Double Bed, so long as your bedroom has the space for a Kingsize

2.    “Ortho” The great myth –  you can’t blame the bed manufactures for using this phrase because the public want to see it on the bed labels. What this term should only imply is that “ORTHO” on the label means that this bed has a firm spring unit inside. Always try the beds for yourself , then you know if it feels right once you have tried a few to compare.    

3.   Bad back = firm bed ( “ortho”)? Everybody knows that too soft a bed is wrong for you , but so is too firm a bed wrong for you also. A great combination is a firm spring with soft padding. The padding takes your shape, the springs then in turn support the padding ,this combination really works.   

4.   Storage in your new bed makes good sense. There are three main styles of storage –  Ottoman where the mattress lifts up and you can use the whole base as storage. Drawers in the side are great for easy access , ands the final one is slider doors on the side ( good space provider but harder to access ).
Service –  will the shop take the new bed upstairs? And will they remove your old bed? Will they set up your new bed or is this down to you to sort out? Or will they charge you and if so at what cost?                                          

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