Safe lady scheme came about through a need that we have identified in the market place. You have car insurance companies aimed at women only drivers, also you have mini cab car companies staffed only by women drivers. Well we would like to think as market leaders in the bed trade that we have come up with a new delivery service. If for any reason a lady feels happier or safe / or secure by having a female member of our staff along on delivery, please feel free to request this. It’s free of charge and even though our delivery staff are part of our company, not outside contractors,   you may be unhappy at the thought of two delivery men in your bedroom. Whether you have had a bad experience from a big chain & their delivery staff, or a small rude shop, or if it is a case of you’re having a bed delivered to your old Mum and you can’t get away from work & feel that your Mum would feel happier with a lady member of our staff there on the delivery with our delivery staff.

Reassurance is a wonderful thing.  Very often afterwards people say there was no need as the delivery men were fantastic but that’s not the point. The point is that a female member of the public, whether young or old feels comfortable on the delivery. Recently, a mum asked for this service for her daughter, moving from the Midlands to London, to an area she was unfamiliar with. The mum said they were going to buy the bed from us anyway, but as her daughter was feeling a bit homesick and vulnerable, this just gave her piece of mind.

Please let us know what you think of our service on Facebook – is this something you would use?

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