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Chopping down vast forests for BBQ wood & charcoals will damage the environment as forests take a long time to ‘renew’, unlike wind, solar and wave power which is unlimited. We should only burn waste wood not virgin trees. This is why here at Vic Smith Beds we remove your old bed when we deliver your new one & we chip up the wood in our unique machine that has been designed by us and built by engineers in Tottenham. We call the wood chips “bed briquettes” This is in our opinion, brilliant because it stops unnecessary blocking up of precious landfill dumps & stops the culling of forest for timber just to be burnt. We break up and feed the broken bits of timber into the chipper and 50mm / 2” chips come out of the end, we bag them up (in recycled bed bags) ready for sale at Browns Garden Centre Crews Hill where Nicola the manager is happy to sell them because of the great benefit it has to her customers and the environment. So you can have you BBQ without the guilt & we all love a barbie & to be green at the same time is fantastic.

Eco Friendly Furniture Friendly Furniture

Height 75 cm

Width 105 cm

Length 236 cm


Including Kids Starter  Mattress & Free Local Delivery & we set the ship up no need for you to worry we do it all Free of charge ( All you pay for is the bed £ 399). Ltd stock Facebook offer only.

Fantastic price bed + matt +delivery.

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